• Relaxing and Pure release from stress.
  • Beautifying and Life Balancing
  • Healthy Body Care


Spa Pedicure – full pedicure with a soothing masque, applied to relive tired dry legs and feet. Improves appearance and blood circulation. Aveda”s “Active Oil” is used in the Spa Pedicure bath. Active formula contains an exceptionally stimulating blend of Chinese wintergreen, camphor peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, geranium and many more flower and plant essences. When massaged into the skin, its heating and cooling properties help sooth tired and stressed muscles.

Spa Manicure – This procedure begins with a Citrus Soak, an ultra mild hand soak and cleanser with a revitalizing citrus scent. Then Exfoliating Crystals are gently massaged onto the hands and wrists. These invigorating crystals gently exfoliate and prepare the skin for a complex penetration of an Ultra Moisturizing Serum with Aloe Vera. Finally a soothing moisturizer enriched with Ceramides is applied. This increases skin water content while reducing roughness.

Hydrating Foot Rejuvenation – A Lavender oil bath with an extensive manipulative massage. Soothing masque is applied and the feet are slipped into heated booties for relaxation.

Facial Spa Treatments – Many varieties of facial treatments for the skin. Keep a better youthful look to your face to the envy of everyone else. We offer specialized Masks, Vitamins, and Skin Peels to benefit the specific needs of your skin. To continue the improved condition of your skin, we also offer Home Care treatments.